Sleeping babies!

Sleeping babies!

People (sadly even professionals) like to say that kids on Spectrum, particularly kids with “K”‘s level of function, don’t ever play with toys. Or that if they do it’s not “appropriate” and with no imagination. “K” has an amazing imagination, she may only have a few words but she’s been a witch, a fairy, cooked a grand feast and put her babies to sleep 🙂

One of those days.

Today is the last day of my Psychology as a Natural science class. I have to write a 5 page paper about the connection between emotion and motivation as it pertains to the achievements of someone I chose. I can’t slow down long enough to read the source material on emotion and motivation and the clock is ticking. tic. toc. tic. toc. 

My body doesn’t want to slow down, it wants to run. 

My brain wants to think about the novels I started 4 years ago and never picked up again…great timing brain. 

My eyes are making the words dance and I’m getting dizzy. 

I’m trying. tic. toc. tic. toc.

I’ve made threw three 6 week classes and now when the paper is worth half my grade my body is fighting me with everything it has. tic. toc. tic. toc.