Thanksgiving Overload.

I’m having a hard time today. Holidays are always overwhelming even if they are nice. Yesterday was actually very pleasant but I’m paying for it today. Everything is bothering me. “K” is at max volume today because she’s excited which means I’ve spent most of my morning wishing I’d remembered to buy ear plugs the last time I went to the store and grinding my teeth. She is also in seeking mode so she wants to be hugged every 5 minutes. I feel guilty because she isn’t at a point yet where she understands sometimes people need a break from hugs. She gets very upset and I worry that she thinks I don’t love her. 

She has come such a long way. Today I asked her if she saw the baby’s bottle, without skipping a beat she said “The bottle, where is it?” and started to search for it with me. Then after I put the baby down for a nap she looked at me and said “(insert baby’s name)’s crying, wake up baby”. The baby was not crying, this was her way of saying she wanted me to go get him, she missed him! 

I remember someone telling me “K” couldn’t be Autistic because she liked people and hugs, and was very affectionate. There seems to be so little known about the sensory seeking side of Autism. I believe it adds to the reasons why some children are diagnosed later than others. 

“K” is primarily a seeker, she loves touch, hugs, running into walls, jumping, rubbing her hands, feet, mouth on random objects, listening to several noises at once and making sounds or talking all day long to help meet her auditory needs. It makes her happy so as long as she isn’t hurting herself so I try to find ways to distract myself from the assault on my sensitive senses…. like writing this post as she watches Disney Jr, rides around on the baby’s ride on toy, pressing the music buttons and switching between singing and screaming. Usually I hate the our home doesn’t have an open concept layout but today I am thankful as the wall between us helps minimize the sound a bit.


My stomach was/is also overwhelmed by yesterday’s meal. Some of this might be because I’ve had an even harder time sleeping, more than usual. Last night I gave in and took a Benadryl to make me sleepy, I couldn’t take not sleeping anymore.