I’m still here.

I am still here, it took me longer to recover from things than I thought it would. I should be back writing and replying to comments soon. I am at the moment trying to find my book for class which I lost in the chaos that has been my life the last few days. 


Sorry for the lack of posts and replies to comments. Class started again last Monday after a 2 week break, usually there is only a weekend break. I’m having a hard time getting back into it. Also I am still recovering from food poisoning and there is a major source of anxiety coming up next week. I will try to post and reply before next week but I have to prepare mentally for this, I have to keep it together at all costs… so please forgive me if I don’t. 

$70, it should be simple.

2 days ago I got a horrible case of food poisoning, I was very sick and it left me drained. It was so bad “O” had to stay home from work yesterday. This morning he no choice, he had to go back to work and I had to take “K” to a neurology appointment. The morning started off rough, “K”‘s routine was messed up yesterday (she had a fieldtrip) and then this morning for the neurology appointment. She was very upset and none of the usual things worked to calm her down, she just needed to cry/scream it out. Unfortunately that means she screamed the entire hour and 20 minutes it took to get there. I am thankful that a friend of “O”s drove us there and was very understanding of both “K”s screams and mind jumbled and distracted speech. 

Once we arrived “K” calmed down, her mom went this time and held her which helped, though every now and then she’d scream out. I don’t blame her, the office waiting room was crowded and hot, it was almost suffocating. I could hardly keep it together so I imagine it was a terrible assault on her already over stimulated system. 

The new neurologist was very nice and straight to the point, just how I like them. He listened to what I had to say and didn’t dismiss a certain issue that pediatrician the dismissed. It is comforting not to hear “well, that’s normal with Autism”. NO! There are things that can accompany Autism but that doesn’t mean it’s NORMAL! That is something that has to change among providers, that mind set is one of the reasons it took over a year to get “K” a diagnosis and treatment for her seizures. She suffered for so long and regressed because of it, when I think of it I get very angry. 

But I digressed…. so back to the original line of story. The waiting room was terrible and we had to wait almost 45 minutes to be seen, that stretched my already thin…what to call it? I see a lot Aspies refer to it as spoons, that doesn’t feel right for me (maybe because I don’t like spoons) but I haven’t figured out a name for it myself. Anyway, “K” got upset again as we were leaving the neurologist (I really really really need to remember to buy ear plugs on this next paycheck).

On the way back home, I asked the kindly friend to stop off at the store so I could get a money order for rent. I walked into the store an immediately knew this was going to an issue. I just felt wrong, I’m still somewhat out of sorts so I can’t describe it very well but it as like trying to see underwater. 

I walked to the cashier and took out the cash and debit card. I looked down at the money, “O” had told me it was $80, I could see it wasn’t $80. It was three $20’s and two $5’s. It should have been simple, I’ve cashiered before, for several years in fact, this should have been as easy as breathing… but it wasn’t. I just stared down at the money and almost cried. I ended up just handing the money to the cashier, she it turned out was very sweet. She looked at me for a moment and then said “Ok, so we’re doing $70 in cash and the rest on debit?” She then counted it for me twice, slowly. I thanked her, paid and walked out. I know it’s not the worst thing to happen but it shook me up. 


Sometimes I really hate having such vivid memories, it’s like being trapped in a theater playing all the worst moments of your life and not being able to shut your eyes.

I’m stuck in a replay of a bad time in my life. It was a few months after giving birth to my son, my hormones were all over the place, “K” still hadn’t started school and was going through a really rough patch in behavior mainly due to undiagnosed and untreated seizures, and I was completely screwed up sensory wise. All of this made for a very unstable person, I was miserable. “O” and I now have a great relationship but around that time it was almost all but over. He retreated from the chaos by seeking out something familiar and comforting, an ex.

Their conversations never really crossed the line of inappropriate but I felt myself losing him, he spent more and more time talking to her and it was what I felt, a betrayal. I needed him and instead he was giving her comfort for the turmoil in her life. I had never felt so alone in my entire life. That was a year ago and he has done everything he can to make amends but something triggers my memories and they start playing. I can see and feel everything so clearly, like it’s happening now. This happens with almost every memory, it’s a full color and motion vision. I hate it sometimes. 

Today I’m stuck there in that time. Now, I understand why they say never to betray an Aspie.