Sorry for the lack of posts and replies to comments. Class started again last Monday after a 2 week break, usually there is only a weekend break. I’m having a hard time getting back into it. Also I am still recovering from food poisoning and there is a major source of anxiety coming up next week. I will try to post and reply before next week but I have to prepare mentally for this, I have to keep it together at all costs… so please forgive me if I don’t. 

2 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. Ooh. Do you have a few days? 😛

    Theory of Mind in essence is the capability to understand that other people have different thoughts and experiences from you, and to extrapolate that into behaviour. All children have to learn this to some extent. Where it goes wrong is that for most children, the people they come into contact with think and act in similar ways, if not exactly the same. They are neurotypical. So their entire view of how people think and act is based on their own thoughts and actions. For autistic children, there is a profound disconnect between the way they think and feel and how others think and feel. So they have far more trouble understanding this, and then putting it into practice. It doesn’t mean they’re not empathic (which is what the original theory states), it just means that there is a disconnect. It’s not instinctive because it’s such a different way of thinking and acting. Add to that the difficulties in understanding non-verbal cues and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    A good place to read more about Theory of Mind:

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