Weight Loss


I am not someone blessed with a fast metabolism. As you may be able to imagine it is very difficult to lose weight when the majority of your interest revolve around reading a book or information off the internet. There is also the fact that I tend to go through food phases where I just want to eat the same thing over and over, if I try to change it up too drastically I find it hard to eat at all. I also mess things up by getting so fixated I forget to eat. Somewhere my brain makes the connection I need to feed the kids but not myself.

I want to lose weight but I have not been successful at it. The only time I actually lost a considerable amount of weight, it was through weight watchers. Their system appealed to me and it became an interest. I worked out several times a day and spent every waking hour reading information on their website. Then midway through to my goal Weight Watchers changed their program and system (they’ve done so several times since then) and the new program didn’t appeal to me and I quickly lost interest.

I want to do this. I have to. I know the statistics of carrying as much extra weight as I am.

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